Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Another Day, Another Reference To My Pornography Addiction

In other news, I’ve been linked to during Jennifer Garrett’s great 100 Days, 100 Blogs project, which is good news, especially since it happened right after I posted possibly the most racist review of my short internet career, and on the very day I was contemplating giving up the whole endeavour altogether. I’ve been reading her website for a while, despite the fact that she’s a baseball fan, and the only Red Sox I’ve ever seen are the ones that happen after Gauge has been working a little too hard during the filming of Hot Bods and Tail Pipe #24. Thanks, Jennifer, and please come back if you ever get bored of watching overweight men jog slowly in a circle. Also, I’ve been watching a lot of TV lately, hoping that something will come up during the fall season to allow me to stop wasting my time working through the entire Jess Franco filmography. Nothing has. Over There is pretty good until you realize that all the anti-war sentiment is just a smokescreen to cover over the jingoism long enough to get fans of Al Franken hooked along with the rest of the country, and Bones is sadly not a television version of the terrible Snoop Dogg horror movie. Instead, it’s a bad mix of CSI and Crossing Jordan, and is possibly the fastest paced show I’ve ever seen, playing like they condensed a two-hour pilot into 44 minutes of snappy patter.


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