Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Firefly Marathon 10: Ariel

I sit, dejected, wallowing in despair and my own defecate. My missionary attempt was a failure, as is this episode. I had hoped to convert my witch neighbors to the gospel of Firefly, but apparently the lure of the devil, in the form of Lost, The Insider , and something called "Yom Kippur" proved to strong to their weak minds. So, I did what any good missionary would do, which is slit their throats to the spine and steal their gold. They were Jewish, so the latter was plentiful. This is the first episode that furthers the plot, and it comes 10 shows in. Good call. Wait until everyone’s nice and bored before you slip them some information. My faith is shaken, the icons blur before my eyes. The blue glow that once comforted me, now strikes fear into my heart. Fear, and irritation at Steve The Pirate, who seems like an Alliance mole trying desperately to get the show cancelled through sabotaging performances. I feel weak, but I must persevere. I must not abandon my faith, but will my faith abandon me?


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