Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Firefly Marathon 2: Serenity Part 1

This Firefly marathon would be a lot easier if I liked this show. I had anticipated that I would, and that my day would breeze by like cruising through downloaded episodes of Mystery Science Theatre 3000. Instead, it's an exercise in repetitive masochism, like eating your own vomit. Also, I've apparently been watching the show out of order, starting with the first aired episode, instead of the intended pilot. That's always the mark of a good show, when you can watch the episodes in any order and it makes as much difference as mixing up Hardy Boys novels.

The references to Western tropes just keep coming, too. The whole story line seems to be a parallel for Confederate soldiers rebelling against victorious Union soldiers, with The Outlaw Josey Wales' Red-Legs replaced with 'brown-coats', making the whole series into a 14 hour retelling of a "South will rise again" bumper sticker. Rise from what? And to what? Inbred country grammar to David Allen Coe lyrics? Changing the national sport from baseball to chaining coloured people to the back of pickup trucks? It seems really strange that this episode was aired out of order, because it really sets up the series, providing the back-story for the passengers on the ship, the thieving outlaw crew, and the horrible, horrible acting. I suppose that's to be expected from television, where talent is measured in the ability to memorize lines, not deliver them. Maybe things will pick up in part two of this introductory pilot, once the actors get used to reading snappy one liners off of cue cards.


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This is why I said to stick with the injections.

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