Sunday, October 16, 2005

Public Service Announcement.

I think that all you readers in the New York area should try and check out the New York City Horror Film Festival this week at the Tribeca Cinemas. It looks like it might be a good time. And if you were only able to make one day, I'd recommend Sunday, just off the top of my head. And if you could only make, say, one program slot on Sunday, I'd aim for about 3:30, since that hour represents the Holy Trinity and I know you're all good Christians down there.

Also, taking a page from, I'm going to start hiding the three to four links I usually put in my posts, so they don't show up blue and underlined, like they do in this one. It's not that I'm trying to be difficult, it's just that I've always found that they distract from the pacing of a sentence, interupting the flow, and if it takes place during a joke, it just ruins everything. So, you'll have to hunt a bit more by trailing your mouse over the entire article, or just ignore them completely.


Blogger Sam Kahn said...

Congrats on being included in the festival.

12:28 a.m.  
Blogger Fatman said...

Dammit! That film was on during the Melbourne International Film Festival and I missed it.

2:41 a.m.  

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