Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Memoires of a Geisha Covered In Sperm.

I generally try to stay away from live theatre. I figure I generally have better things to do than watch what is essentially one long uninterrupted take of people in the distance talking loudly. But today I varied my daily routine of bad B-movie followed by bitter review followed by three hours of crying about my wasted life, and replaced the B-movie with some independent theatre. As recommended by today’s Gazette, I caught Dark Horse Theatre’s production of Larry Lamont’s The Chamber and I’m glad to say I don’t regret it, especially since the alternative was watching Man-Thing. Again.

Directed by Peter Boychuk, the play is two actors, one set, and 90 minutes, and surprisingly it managed to keep my attention rapt throughout, possibly because a girl gets fingered maybe twenty minutes in and I kept hoping things would evolve into a live sex show. It takes place in Japan, too, so you know the sex would involve a lot of crying and a bucket of sperm at the end. I feared The Chamber would annoy me, as it centers around the irritatingly common phenomenon of white university graduates with useless degrees teaching English in Asia, but the story of the degeneration of a diseased relationship is interesting enough to overcome the vexing subject matter. Through the course of the conversation between stars Alex Contreras and Emily Shelton, the play deals with numerous themes, including alienation, loneliness, and racism, a topic I gently touched on in yesterday’s review, when I said that all Japanese were militaristic savages, perfectly capable of raping and razing a city of 500 000 but unable to cook their food. The play, perhaps, deals with that subject a little more gracefully. Fans of Montreal short films will not be surprised by Alex Contreras’ talent, as he displays a range of believable emotion that carries the play forward to its unpleasant conclusion, but those unfamiliar with Ms. Shelton will have much to look forward to. Her performance is full of destructive energy that serves as a perfect foil to Contreras’ brooding character, plus she sounds exactly like one of those Asian waitresses who can’t seem to comprehend the concept of brown rice no matter how many hand gestures I make. The Chamber runs until the 18th, at the Geordie Space (4001 Berri), at 8:00 PM.


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