Saturday, February 04, 2006

A Vision Of The Past.

The Eye 2
2004, Hong Kong
Oxide Pang Chung, Danny Pang

Of all the religions in the world, Buddhism is probably the last one I’d base a scary movie on. Well, Buddhism and Anglicanism, because absolutely nothing is more boring that the English. Every other religion is rife with terrifying elements. Fundamental Christianity has the fire and brimstone of The Book of Revelation, Hinduism has many-armed gods of destruction, and Islam has Muslims, but all Buddhism has that’s even vaguely frightening is the concept of karma. Basically, karma has it that whatever you do in your current existence will be counted for or against you in your next incarnation. This means I’ll probably spend most of my next life either as a fourteen year old girl drugged and sodomized in the back of a 1994 Mazda Protege, or reading painfully unfunny internet reviews of bad horror films, depending on how much of a sense of humor Buddha has.

If the car's a rockin', call the police, and have them bring a rape kit.

The Eye 2 follows The Eye, in that both film contain characters that possess, or have at one time possessed, eyes. Other than that, there are no real similarities. The first film is about a woman who receives a corneal transplant, and then gains the power to see The Sixth Sense. The Eye 2 shares none of the same characters, and is about a woman who, after attempting suicide, gains the power to the first film. Then everybody dies and gets reincarnated as blond Hollywood actresses in shitty American remakes. That’s karma for you.


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